Monday, January 4, 2010

An Auspcious Start

It appears it's going to be a good one kids, had one of the best NYE I've had in long time (thanks Panda) though I never got a picture with her the night of the night of...and only have some very questionable ones from Sat night, anyway, you can see from this one, we had a pretty fantastic time...except when Chrissy took the noisemaker out of my mouth hit me with it said Bad Breen and put it in her purse...yes I admit I went a little overboard with the noisemaker, evidenced by the fact that it appears in nearly every picture that I'm in, thank you my love for saving the ears of all those around me...anyway so far so good....I hope it keeps up....pretty sure it will since my co-worker was nice enough to bring me back a good luck charm from her trip to Peru, a cute little wooden guy sporting a ski hat and a hundo around his neck....we'll see what that guy can do for me