Friday, December 31, 2010

Old Lang Sign???

Happy New Years kids, we are all headed to another one of Amanda’s swanky parties, keep the noisemakers out of my reach if you’d like to have fully functional eardrums in the year 2011, pictures to follow, be safe and have fun tonight!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...but my desk is so delightful...not so much

Unless you live under a rock I'm sure you've noticed we've had a bit of a snow storm in the northeast, and instead of being snuggled up on some sort of bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire place drinking hot toddies (how does one spell the plural of toddy get back to me if you know) ; I the diligent employee that I am, made it in to work today, and I'm still here with like two other people.Christmas was actually pretty relaxing despite what I was anticipating (and the fact that I may have attempted to do a little bit of last minute shopping with a suitcase and all my other gifts at the Macy's in Herald Square before I got on the train from Penn, some tourists may be missing toes I was pretty reckless with where I was wheeling my suitcase), and I did get two out of the three things on my Christmas wish list, 42 inch flat screen from the parents…check (thanks guys!!); hair straightener…check (thanks to Nini and John for having that shipped all the way from Hong Kong, my weave is looking tremendous already!) and I subbed in a white noise machine instead of my request for an electric tea kettle and have been enjoying the sounds of summer rain lulling me to sleep (note if you purchase one of these things avoid the heartbeat setting it’s like something out of a horror movie and not even remotely sleep inducing). So there I was probably listening to summer rain or something yesterday morning at my dad’s house to be awoken to the sound of the telephone ringing, and my sister telling me to get my stuff together asap since there was some serious actual winter snow falling outside, and lots of it, and since the Long Island Railroad has been known to break down under the best of circumstances (namely Christmas Eve my mother got stuck on the train for two hours on a perfectly sunny zero precipitation afternoon) so I hurried onto the next available train and made it back into the city because clearly the investment banking industry would have completely fallen down had I not made it to work today, housing crisis pales in comparison to Breen not making it to work…puh-sha. The walk to work this morning was like some sort of post apocalyptic winter scene, I think I saw about 3 people and one car on my way in, crazy, here are some of the scenes from Christmas (including Poppa Breen tending bar and the Breen kids potentially overserved having photoshoots) and the city this morning, exciting stuff, particularly the shot where the One Gee courtyard is covered in snow and actually looks “clean” for once, shocking I know.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

mele kaliki...mako?

So last week we went out for my best friend Chrissy’s birthday (to Villa Pacri I highly suggest the food was delicious and the space itself was so beautiful will definitely be going back) anyway post dinner we were attempting to figure out what the plan for the evening was when my lovely friend Amanda suggested we swing by a clients office party for a quick cocktail or two while we decided on a venue, we agreed and made our way there. Now I was envisioning a stuffy traditional (read investment banking post 2008) office party, where there’s a top shelf open bar but the venue is club that had it’s hayday back in 1999, well I should have known better, this party was suggested by none other than Samanda. What we walked into can only be described as what the most awesome acid trip ever must be like, see the picture above, there were people dressed as sharks and bunnies (and I fit right in wearing my crazy wildebeest coat), a throne, half naked men in spangly white boxer briefs, fully naked interns available for viewing in a peep show, crazy balloons, and open bar that was reminiscent of the last awesome frat party I went to, just the basics in booze in mixers, nothing fancy and being served up by above referenced men in the spangly shorts. Also the band they had hired to play the party was Twin Shadow (who apparently are so hot right now har) they were good, but apparently it was quite audacious of me to approach said band and ask the lead singer if they had any other shows scheduled in the city to which he replied “Yeah uh we do tomorrow night at Don Hills….(cue the snark-tone) but it’s sold out”…oh how trendy.

Monday, December 20, 2010


So I don’t make promises like Liz Ho to update my blog every day between now and New Years Eve (bold move HoBags), but really my blog updating has been pretty deplorable over the last two weeks and here is my litany of excuses:

1. Work has been ZOMFG crazy busy

2. Every person I know family and friends included seems to be born in the month of December so I have had quite a few birthday obligations

3. I am moving January 1 (new digs pictured above) so I have been doing the apartment hunt, lease signing, going back a bajillion times to measure and make sure the apartment is good to go, calling movers, and worst of all, Time Warner (although I have to admit the girl who helped me set up my appointment was super helpful and nice, and coincidentally named Danielle, must have had something to do with it)

4. It’s the holidays and it’s not even like I can claim I’ve done much Christmas shopping (I have purchased three presents, one of which was a birthday present and one for me, I must stop convincing myself that it's ok to buy myself presents because I'm buying them for other people) but I have had work holiday parties, charity holiday parties, friend’s holiday parties, you name it, it had a holiday party and my attendance was required, though I can’t really pretend this was much of a hardship since everyone who reads my blog knows me and would find it hard to believe that I find free cocktails to be any kind of a hardship

So there we go, I promise to provide updates on the move, doubt it will be too challenging as I am literally moving down the block, but ughhhh packing, I haven’t even started that yet, and I can only imagine what a nightmare it will be, but I am excited to be moving, I love One Gee, but it’s been 3 years and I am ready to move on (well down the block, probably about 350 feet to be exact but you know baby steps). And I don’t really have to give up One Gee entirely because my lovely Blair Bear will still be running the show there, and my lovely vintage bicycle (1993 Trek Antelope, that’s vintage right??) will also be maintaining his One Gee residence, so I’m keeping my key so I can go back and pick him up (yes you read it right I do refer to my bike as a he, don’t ask me why it just seems to make sense). But either way wish me luck or find me a wormhole to January 15 when hopefully I should be completely set up in my new apartment.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010....made me realize just how lame I am

So a lot of bloggers have put together Holiday Gift Guides at various price points and I have definitely enjoyed looking through all of them , but I am not as altruistic as they are, and really only care about what I AM getting for Christmas, and then I sat down and thought about what I actually asked for this Christmas, the items are pictured above, and I realized what a loser I am, I asked for (in no particularly order) an electric tea kettle (snazzy); a hair straightener, and a new television for my bedroom. I am super psyched to have a TV in my bedroom just because I (in 27 years on this earth) have NEVER had one, and I sort of justified this by saying that the only time I would want to watch TV in bed would be if I was sick and how sick would I have to be to not be able to make it to the couch, I’d say pretty bad in which case I probably wouldn’t want to watch television anyway. However, in my old age the prospect of sitting in bed propped up on pillows under my cozy covers sounds way too delightful to pass up. I feel like a 10 yr old getting a tv in my room for the first time, maybe next year I’ll ask for my own phone line in my bedroom, which I also never had but always wanted just so I could buy one of those super cool novelty phones like the clear one that you could see the inside of or the one that looked like a sneaker, cell phones are not nearly as much fun, oh wait yeah they are who needs your own phone line when you can talk from anywhere, hell I could talk to you guys from my bathtub if I really wanted to, how scandalous. In any event those are my three items on my Christmas wish list, so basically I will be spending this winter sitting in my bed, watching television, while drinking tea, and straightening my hair, 2011 is going to be a really banner year for this girl.