Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010....made me realize just how lame I am

So a lot of bloggers have put together Holiday Gift Guides at various price points and I have definitely enjoyed looking through all of them , but I am not as altruistic as they are, and really only care about what I AM getting for Christmas, and then I sat down and thought about what I actually asked for this Christmas, the items are pictured above, and I realized what a loser I am, I asked for (in no particularly order) an electric tea kettle (snazzy); a hair straightener, and a new television for my bedroom. I am super psyched to have a TV in my bedroom just because I (in 27 years on this earth) have NEVER had one, and I sort of justified this by saying that the only time I would want to watch TV in bed would be if I was sick and how sick would I have to be to not be able to make it to the couch, I’d say pretty bad in which case I probably wouldn’t want to watch television anyway. However, in my old age the prospect of sitting in bed propped up on pillows under my cozy covers sounds way too delightful to pass up. I feel like a 10 yr old getting a tv in my room for the first time, maybe next year I’ll ask for my own phone line in my bedroom, which I also never had but always wanted just so I could buy one of those super cool novelty phones like the clear one that you could see the inside of or the one that looked like a sneaker, cell phones are not nearly as much fun, oh wait yeah they are who needs your own phone line when you can talk from anywhere, hell I could talk to you guys from my bathtub if I really wanted to, how scandalous. In any event those are my three items on my Christmas wish list, so basically I will be spending this winter sitting in my bed, watching television, while drinking tea, and straightening my hair, 2011 is going to be a really banner year for this girl.

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  1. HAHAH! I adore that your 'gift post' is all about what you want. I asked for mascara and a gift certificate to my hair salon b/c apparently I'm too poor to groom myself properly without financial support from Santa. COOL.