Monday, December 20, 2010


So I don’t make promises like Liz Ho to update my blog every day between now and New Years Eve (bold move HoBags), but really my blog updating has been pretty deplorable over the last two weeks and here is my litany of excuses:

1. Work has been ZOMFG crazy busy

2. Every person I know family and friends included seems to be born in the month of December so I have had quite a few birthday obligations

3. I am moving January 1 (new digs pictured above) so I have been doing the apartment hunt, lease signing, going back a bajillion times to measure and make sure the apartment is good to go, calling movers, and worst of all, Time Warner (although I have to admit the girl who helped me set up my appointment was super helpful and nice, and coincidentally named Danielle, must have had something to do with it)

4. It’s the holidays and it’s not even like I can claim I’ve done much Christmas shopping (I have purchased three presents, one of which was a birthday present and one for me, I must stop convincing myself that it's ok to buy myself presents because I'm buying them for other people) but I have had work holiday parties, charity holiday parties, friend’s holiday parties, you name it, it had a holiday party and my attendance was required, though I can’t really pretend this was much of a hardship since everyone who reads my blog knows me and would find it hard to believe that I find free cocktails to be any kind of a hardship

So there we go, I promise to provide updates on the move, doubt it will be too challenging as I am literally moving down the block, but ughhhh packing, I haven’t even started that yet, and I can only imagine what a nightmare it will be, but I am excited to be moving, I love One Gee, but it’s been 3 years and I am ready to move on (well down the block, probably about 350 feet to be exact but you know baby steps). And I don’t really have to give up One Gee entirely because my lovely Blair Bear will still be running the show there, and my lovely vintage bicycle (1993 Trek Antelope, that’s vintage right??) will also be maintaining his One Gee residence, so I’m keeping my key so I can go back and pick him up (yes you read it right I do refer to my bike as a he, don’t ask me why it just seems to make sense). But either way wish me luck or find me a wormhole to January 15 when hopefully I should be completely set up in my new apartment.

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