Tuesday, December 21, 2010

mele kaliki...mako?

So last week we went out for my best friend Chrissy’s birthday (to Villa Pacri I highly suggest the food was delicious and the space itself was so beautiful will definitely be going back) anyway post dinner we were attempting to figure out what the plan for the evening was when my lovely friend Amanda suggested we swing by a clients office party for a quick cocktail or two while we decided on a venue, we agreed and made our way there. Now I was envisioning a stuffy traditional (read investment banking post 2008) office party, where there’s a top shelf open bar but the venue is club that had it’s hayday back in 1999, well I should have known better, this party was suggested by none other than Samanda. What we walked into can only be described as what the most awesome acid trip ever must be like, see the picture above, there were people dressed as sharks and bunnies (and I fit right in wearing my crazy wildebeest coat), a throne, half naked men in spangly white boxer briefs, fully naked interns available for viewing in a peep show, crazy balloons, and open bar that was reminiscent of the last awesome frat party I went to, just the basics in booze in mixers, nothing fancy and being served up by above referenced men in the spangly shorts. Also the band they had hired to play the party was Twin Shadow (who apparently are so hot right now har) they were good, but apparently it was quite audacious of me to approach said band and ask the lead singer if they had any other shows scheduled in the city to which he replied “Yeah uh we do tomorrow night at Don Hills….(cue the snark-tone) but it’s sold out”…oh how trendy.

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