Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moving Envy

I feel like everyone I know is moving, well not everyone, but like 4 people, which really if you think about it, is a lot, I am really starting to get the urge to do the same, but my lease isn't up until Feb....soooooo far....blargh....and I've made the big decision that in Feb I will be moving into my own place, no more roommates, not that I don't love them....but it's time for my own space, so I can decorate and have a "grown-up" apartment, because with 5 girls and a dog my current apartment is sort of a dorm/brothel combo, fun yes, but now that I consider myself a real grown-up (graduating for college and getting a real job didn't seem to legitimize my adulthood for me right away), I feel like I should have my own space. Soooooo, yeah I know story dragged on, I started looking around for inspiration, I definitely want to paint, and I do have some furniture but it's mostly bedroom I have to buy quite a lot, and I would like a clear vision of what I want my apartment to look like, so I started going through design blogs, and then I found these pictures of a studio in paris, and if it wasn't in paris, I would move in tomorrow, it's so perfect, but then again, if it was here it wouldn't have that view or all that je ne sais quoi that only a french apt can have, I want it, bad.

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