Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Two posts one day, this is getting crazy, but, this one was necessary. I openly admit I'm a dork and am a member of the Guggenheim (spelled right I hope since I am a member I should at least know how to spell it); and the dorkier part is that I became a member for certain perks like finding out about cool stuff they host early, even though I already get in for free through my corporate discount, yeah I know dork squared. Anyway, so I became a member so I wouldn't miss cool stuff, and lo and behold today I find out that I did miss something huge, there's a new concert series called It Came From Brooklyn,  and on Aug 14th I missed the Walkmen, boo, and I'm busy for this one on the 25th with Paul Banks from Interpol, double boo. But for realz how cool is the picture, I want to blow it up and frame it.

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