Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Friday Friday!

For real this has honestly been the longest week of all time, I valiantly came in to work on Columbus Day even though technically I didn’t have to (you like that, yeah I came in valiantly, like how in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue,looking for India and instead, fortuitously found one kick  ass country called the U.S.A as in the United States of Awesome; just throwing in some patriotic pride) anywho so I came in and did manage to get some stuff done. Actually I got some major stuff done,like got more than one atta girl email saying thanks for doing your job so well ,it was so satisfying that upon completion I wanted to stand up at my desk and say at the top of my lung “DISHES ARE DONE MAN” a la Kenny Crandell in Don’t Tell Mom The BabySitter’s Dead, and then realized I was one of 4 people on the trading floor and without the usual din of noise and familiar shouting, my doing that might raise some eyebrows. Another accomplishment this week ,I reminded the world of finance of the concept that you can actually wear black and brown together and not die, though walking around the floor in said combination which included slouchy brown ankle boots paired with a houndstoooth skirt, with a brown belt and black turtleneck probably got more raised eyebrows than if I had screamed across the empty trading floor on Monday. Oh well, at least it’s Friday and next week is a three day week for this girl, which is amazing, can not wait.

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  1. Yay! I love when you write. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Kenny Crandell and DTMTBD. Best movie ever...might watch it tonight.

    LOVE YOU! xo.