Monday, November 21, 2011


So I decided to just casually check out the "stats" page on my blog the other day, you know not because I actually expect there to be any record numbers, I post like once a year and it's usually about silly things like Enrique Iglesias jet skiing with his dog. But you know I just want to make sure my readers in Slovenia (all 16 of them) are still satisfied with the general direction of the blog. But when I stumbled across the common search words list, well let's just say I had no words, completely speechless. But apparently some people out googling away on the interwebz have some awfully colorful ones that they search for that somehow direct them to my blog. "Mariah Carey Dreamlover video, plaid" (that comma is so necessary) now that is not at all unexpected, but that last one on the list, holy schnikes! I don't know who leaked my super secret halloween costume idea for next year to the world at large but we are no longer speaking.

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