Friday, February 25, 2011

My liver is nervous

Wow kids…if any of you are even still out there reading…I have been a bad bad blogger, I had been on a tear of blogging…inspired by Liz’s awkward promise to blog every day till Jan 31 or something which she sort of kept to….and then I just totes fell off the face of the earth…real (non interwebz) life has been cray cray hectic…though I can’t blame it on moving since that was like 2 months ago and I way wore out that excuse in every aspect of my life,  new excuse…I finally got an iPhone and angry birds has taken over all my free time…not so believable…hey (too bad it’s almost the truth) promise to get back on track…already have a blog post in mind for Monday…but cannot dedicate any brain cells or energy to writing that right now…conserving all of my energy for this weekends activities…which will kick off tonight with all you can drink/eat sushi and sake bombing…and I openly admit I’m old and nervous…and need to take a nap before hand…god I am an old woman….I should probably bring a sweater in case I get chilly…to think only last year I was seen at the now closed Cube 63 (tears) doing shots of red wine with abandon with the waiters while they played Shots Shots Shots on repeat while half the table wore matching neon snow hats purchased at none other than the epicenter of haute couture….Walgreens (excuse the blurry picture the waiters at Cube played Shots on repeat so many times our camera buckled under the peer pressure and got wasted too…that drunk fuck…falling down on the job)…and then our whole table got into a verbal brawl with the girls next to us….which resulted in us departing the restaurant only to have  Blair return…all old western gungslinger style…throw open the front door and pronounce at top volume….WHAT?!?!?...WHAT?!?!?....with Feddy in the background giving them the double middle finger salute…what a classy crowd this restaurant attracted…I have no idea why they closed.


  1. dude. kc woke up to me playing angry birds in the middle of the night. i couldnt sleep so i woke up and played a few rounds..yeah this wasn't the only time, little did she know. then when my phone was stolen, i had to start from the beginning now im trying for 3 stars on each level. shit is hard. but every day it really made me wish my commute to work had been longer.. good luck tonight :)

  2. My dear, I will always be here checkin for blog posts, even if they are few and far far and few between? Wait I didn't even go out last night. I LOVE YOU...see you tamarra for waffys.