Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When Life Hands You Meyer Lemons...Make Meyer Lemon Cake...duh

Ok so since moving into my new apartment I have really been keeping up with my plans to cook more for myself, now basically the only thing I order for delivery is sushi (since I cannot do it any sort of justice myself and really I think Hana makes my sushi on the way up the stairs to my apartment because it legit take 10 mins from when I put down my phone till they’re at my front door, hell it takes me practically 10 mins to make it up those 4 flights as it is without sushi knives, fish, wasabi, etc, so those dudes, I can’t compete). That being said I have been going to Trader Joe’s (seriously cannot get enough of that place) at least weekly and whipping up some delicious stuff (if I do say so myself), I’m even eating breakfast at home every day now so definitely saving some money and calories. However, as some of you might remember (though it’s been quite some time since this was regular practice) I am also a pretty good baker and used to at the very least whip up baked goods and bring them into my office or over to people’s houses about once or twice a month, well living in 1G, with Federico nipping at everything I made in the kitchen asking if I was “done with that” and being faced with potentially massive mountains of dishes that needed to be washed prior to even starting to bake rather put me off the whole endeavor, that and a friend this summer pretty much dared me to attempt to make his mother’s 8 (yes you read right 8) layer fudge cake in his kitchen rather than my own (baking away not a good plan) and with fairly questionable equipment and it was (I thought) a miserable failure, though he did eat the whole thing himself. However, with my new digs I have resolved to try to start baking at least once a month again; first up will be Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Cake with Homemade Crème Fraiche, mostly because I have all the ingredients (except for the Meyer Lemons which I have seriously been eyeing every time I’ve gone to Trader Joe’s recently) and it looks easy and really delicious, so get ready to eat kids, I’m off to Willams and Sonoma tonight (after spin class..see below) to get a few items I have found to be wanting in my kitchen

• Lemon Zester
• Mortar and Pestle
• Mandoline Slicer
• Meat Thermometer (after someone at 1G, still don't know who,put mine in the dishwasher which meat thermometers no like, they melt, but I'm over it I swear)
• Cake Plate (to store all of these baked goods I've convinced myself  I'm going to make)
Yes I am a dork, what normal 27 year old girl needs any kind of zester, perhaps I need more zester in my life in general, oh well, and thankfully this new plan also coincided with a recently renewed interest in going to the gym, so net net I think I’ll be A-OK.

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