Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diary of a "Skinny" Fat Kid

Ok so I have to be honest that last post about baking, yeah that didn’t happen, I was all hopeful that I could be one of those awesome bloggers that cooks and bakes and posts pictures and recipes and you go holy eff how do you eat all this delicious stuff you make, never talk about working out, but still look awesomez in every outfit you post (and somehow also has time to go to the flea market every Saturday and decoupage dressers and make DIY jewelry), but alas, I live in the city of indulgence where eating out 4 days a week is not at all uncommon and people go to brunch more religiously than any church. And staying in on a Friday night to try out baking a new type of olive oil cake, yeah not gonna happen, I’ll do that when I’m 90. So yeah I don’t really have the time to bake these days and with summer around the corner the only thing I will be cooking is healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Boring yes, but will I be happy that first day I have to put on a bathing suit, meh, probs not but at least I’ll feel like I put in a marginal effort. And it turns out I always forget to take pictures of the food while I’m cooking (well not forget I just am the type of person who attempts to clean up after myself while cooking so the kitchen is not a total disaster scene when I’m done and thus the times when I’m not actively chopping or sautéing or whatever is spent washing dishes or putting things away not snapping whimsical hipstamatic pictures) and let’s be serious I am a ravenous beast by the time I finish cooking and do not take the time to take pictures I just make my way from the kitchen to the couch as quickly as possible to start eating, so all I have are pictures of half eaten not nearly as pretty looking food, like this lovely half eaten pork chop that I posted above and sent a picture of to Alli face with the “recipe” (aint that a sexy pork chop)  food blogger I am not, but good cook, yeah I’m decent. I say recipe in quotes because I don’t really believe in them, I kind of just wing it, eyeball it, or when appropriate taste things till I get it to where I want it (obvious disclaimer since I apparently have an international readership beyond just my friends according to my stats, the tasting till it’s right does not apply to raw eggs, pork, chicken, etc, use your head I don’t want anyone coming down with trichinosis and blaming my blog). So either way don’t expect any cute pictures of profiteroles or cranberry raisin scones or anything any time soon, and I won’t bore you with posts about healthy food unless it’s like super delicious and tastes like it’s bad for you but it’s not, which are, by the way, my favorite types of foods, since at heart I am just a fat kid that wants to be skinny, I see a book deal in the works, Diary of Wannabe Skinny Fat Kid.

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