Friday, October 23, 2009

Above the Knuckle Rings

So my dear friend Chrissy informed me that while in LF today she overheard some woman yammering on about digit rings, ugly name if you ask me, but my dear friends, who might I ask, who has been rocking above the knuckle rings for a least the past 3 months telling everyone she was making it a trend if it killed her, yeah that's right, this girl. I will provide photographic evidence soon I'm sure it exists somewhere in facebook land, this trend concept didn't always go over so well, i.e. last week when I announced the trend I intended to start Samanda Mintz likened it to camel toe, well, anyway, I am vindicated, above the knuckle is the way ahead, you heard it here first as in like three months ago, well not really here, but if you're a close friend I've been running my mouth about this for a while, and now I will shut up, trend created, VICTORY!

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