Monday, October 26, 2009

So I knew my salt addiction would catch up with me eventually

Yes yes I openly admit I have a salt addiction, I salt everything, legit everything, a fellow salt addict friend of mine who's name I won't name for the sake of anonymity even clued me into salting bread at a restaurant after you butter must try so good....I draw the line at salting potato chips...but that's because I usually pick the salt and vinegar or salt and pepper variety, I get crazy stares when people in my cafeteria at work notice me grabbing 4 salt packets for one salad, I try to do it sneakily, but knew I had a problem when I started throwing extra un-used napkins on top of my garbage can to hide the number of salt packets I used at lunch, it was getting bad....but who would have known that I would draw the line and say that's it I must face and conquer my addiction tonight! Well it all started when I brought the salt shaker downstairs with dinner probably so I could re-salt my bowl of couscous halfway through (you have no idea how hard it is to salt the entire thing, damn near impossible); coming back upstairs post gossip girl I tried to grab everything I had brought down with me which included a laptop a plate a bowl and the salt shaker and various other things, as my mother would put it a lazy mans load sure to go badly. Well, how right she was.....standing in my bedroom, attempting to put down my laptop I felt something slip and then heard a sickening shatter, salt shaker + tile floor equals HUGE mess, took at least 30 mins to clean up and if you know me I'm super p-noid about stepping on glass ever since my incident with a 3 inch shard of glass from a broken champagne that's it.....I am giving salt the brush least for a few weeks, maybs I'll feel better, maybe this was fate's way of saving me from a life of high blood pressure later on, who knows, but I will learn to live a life without salt, oh this is going to be hard....wish me luck

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