Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breen Breen the Dancing Machine

So Blair’s mom was in town this past weekend, unfortunately I was a bit under the weather on Saturday evening and wasn’t able to make it out to dinner with the group at Abe and Arthur’s but made up for it with a two hour dance party at 1G as pictured above…no one belts out tunes into a “microphone” (aka Swiffer Wet Jet) like this girl…see above. And yesterday I was lucky enough to accompany Momma Breen to her final treatment for breast cancer, she underwent 6 weeks of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation and yesterday was her last session of radiation, so the whole family headed out with her and they had her bang a gong to signify the end of her treatment, what I wasn’t at all surprised to hear (but it’s still always nice) was that all of the staff that she saw on a daily basis would miss her terribly, and what a posterchild for good attitude she was throughout her treatment, nothing keeps you healthier than having a smile on your face and laughing as much as possible, and my mother is certainly living proof of that. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of said gong ceremony because I was a space cadet and forgot I could take one with my blackberry, luckily my aunt has an action shot which I hope she posts on facebook!

PS. And for those of you who did not catch the incredible handi-work I did with the title of this post, Gene Gene The Dancing Machine was a recurring skit on the Gong Show and with references to gongs and dance parties in the same post I thought it only appropriate

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