Friday, January 14, 2011

This changes everything...again

So I pose a question to all, I have for the past 3 or so years been dying to get an iPhone…despite the fact that when I am pretty much all thumbs when it comes to texting on the thing, prepare yourself for some humdingers, I think once I tried to type “That sounds fantastic” and ended up with something to the effect of “thank you hippopotomaus” damn autotext thing, imagine how well that went over…I’ll tell you how…like a lead balloon. Anyway so do I bite the bullet and jump like all the rest of the Verizon beholden and get the thing Feb 10, every fibre of my body wants to run out to the Verizon store now and get in line (well not really I think people who camp out for anything be it Twilight or Harry Potter or the newest release of Call of Duty are just losers with a capital L…newsflash Edward Cullen is not real and Robert Pattison has no interest in dating you..ever..he’s with angry old Pot O Stew…please don’t be mad Chrissy). That being said do I buy the phone immediately as in during normal daylight hours on February 10th or take the really lazy route and have it mailed to me, or should I wait at least a week or two to see if the thing totally sucks. I mean already I know that Verizon’s technology is such that you can’t use more than one application at time, and this won’t be available until the iPhone 5 comes out NEXT YEAR…seriously a whole year….and seriously Verizon haven’t you wanted the iPhone since like the dawn of Christ how come you didn’t have your technology aligned perfectly so that when Apple gave you the go ahead you coulda been like cool man we’re ready. Anyway that’s neither here nor there, I will definitely buy the iPhone 5 when it comes out, but do I wait a WHOLE YEAR (jeez I can’t really believe that’s true) or suck it up and buy the iPhone 4 with a 1 year contract (paying more obviously) and upgrade next year, I have to think that anything even a slightly lower functioning iPhone will be superior to my current it’s actually painful to browse the internet on it and I only do it in dire circumstances Blackberry, what does everyone think? I know what I think…I want the iPhone so badly I might die….is that enough to justify it??

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  1. I feel you sister. I'm trying to persuade one of my parents to give me their upgrade. I need this!