Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills...

Oh Hai, I took a week off, not from life (or work L) just from blogging because I told everyone I would post pictures of the new digs and frankly the place is simply not ready to be photographed. Sure we have all the essentials:

Couch: Check
Beautiful brand new 42’ flat screen (thanks again Dad and Mia): Check
Paint (you saw that debacle in my last post): Check
Beds (yes Cash Money’s bedroom is no longer styled by Jacobim Mugatu his Derelicte collection): Check
Garbage Can (yes we sold out and forked over probably way too much for on of those stupid Simple Human ones, can someone please explain how they manage to justify charging $50 for their cheapest model, what does this trash can do??): Check

We’ve actually started decorating as well, we have the kitchen almost fully done, wine glasses, dishtowels, hand towels in the bathroom and (drumroll) a full bottle of handsoap. However, the one thing that has completely confounded me for the last two weeks is hanging my darn curtains, I have them all, both for my bedroom and for the living room, and Alli was kind enough to lend us her drill, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the screws into the wall, in fact I almost lost an eye last week when I decided I would just apply enough pressure with the drill to force it into the wall and it came flying back at me, so I gave in and said fine you win screw, I will use the drill bit to put a hole in the wall and then place said screw into the hole, no such luck. I am seriously a drilling reject, I need remedial drill class, does that exist, I refuse to pay someone to put these curtains up, I was able to put my last ones up at 1G, I do not understand how my tool using skillset (albeit limited) has deteriorated to the point that I can no longer use a drill, I mean I’m not trying to use a chainsaw or anything, and thankfully I can still handle a hammer and nails, but I feel seriously less than not being able to put up my curtains, so I will utilize my better developed skillset, being domestic in the kithchen, i.e. I am willing to cook dinner for anyone willing to assist, that doesn't count as paying right, it's kind of of like just whoring out my culinary abilities (ha), with Cash Money as my pimp (oh what an approrpriate pimp name) since she wants these darn curtains put up too!!

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