Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You can do it, we can help....adventures in home "improvement"

Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for paying for my college education and encouraging me to take a job in an office as my construction and painting skills are really quite deplorable if they exist at all, believe me Loyola College was the best 120 K you ever spent.


After this weekend I have a new found respect for painters, carpenters etc, holy eff painting, assembling and moving things is exhausting, I have actually never been so physically exhausted in my entire life and would in no way be cut out to do it professionally (the desk/tv console we put together definitely lists a bit to the left, we’re blaming it on the floor being slanted, but really I’m questioning the construction of the actual thing). However, we are all moved in and save a few last things, hanging curtains, frames and finding pillows for the couch I am basically unpacked, I still am not entirely sure where everything is, but I’m working through it and enjoying the extra “space” I have in my new room, I’m sure you all know that my specialty is living in teeny tiny small rooms, ever since freshman year of college I have always had to find ways to get creative with small spaces. For example sophomore year the room I shared with Jody was affectionately referred to as “The Nook” really gives the idea of grand sweeping spaces right? And senior year the room I shared with Jessica was so small I had the head of my bed in one of the closets and my desk was relegated to the common room and used as a TV stand with the justification that I didn’t use it enough to keep it in the bedroom (fair enough). Post college at least my tiny rooms have been all my own and I have learned to deal with and love the challenges of having a small space, like taking closet doors off etc. There is definitely some upside to having a small space it FORCES you to stay very neat and organized, which is helpful. Either way, we’re hosting our first “dinner” tonight, I wouldn’t even call it a dinner party because it only involves 4 guests, but I’m psyched, the kitchen is unpacked and I am raring to go (with moving and not wanting to buy groceries and having packed up the kitchen early on at the old place I haven’t cooked in like 2 weeks). I will definitely post pictures of the new digs once we’ve finished snazzing the place up with some decorative accessories, but at least we have paint on the walls, mostly courtesy of Cash Money and her lovely parents (proof above, though that dazzling smile had definitely faded by the time we were done with the living room).

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