Wednesday, November 17, 2010

But we still won the fight....

Ok I’m sorry for two posts in one day but this seriously caught my eye on Refinery, they did a whole piece on heeled combat boots, which I might add, I have been wearing since last fall, I own the exact pair they featured on the right above. And as much as I’m like uhhh wtf Refinery, you been jeepin’ my steez (stealing my style in layman’s terms) I have to agree they are awesome.I bought mine at Shoegasm, they come in like three colors, and unfortch like 2 weeks after I bought mine they came out with a fur lined version, and I couldn’t actually justify purchasing a second pair just for the fur, but I can’t imagine how warm they must be, seriously considering buying them in brown for this upcoming winter. I wear them to and from work everyday because they are incredibly comfortable and just make me feel a little more at home in my corporate clothes, which as far as I’m concerned may as well be a costume, i-banking culture does not really jive with my personal style, but for 10 mins each morning and evening on my walk back and forth I feel a little more like me.

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