Monday, November 8, 2010

Stop sippin' that Haterade

So everyone has been hating on Blake Lively saying that despite her protestations to the contrary she does in fact need a stylist. I wholeheartedly disagree, while I don’t agree with everything she chooses to wear, and couldn’t wear most of it because, frankly, saying I have a completely different body type would be the understatement of the year, I have to say I appreciate a lot of her choices. Sure sometimes she exposes a little too much skin (I mean really I shouldn’t even comment I shunned pants for over a year and only recently reintroduced them into my wardrobe); and sometimes she wears things that don’t quite match in the traditional sense, but honestly there’s a difference between matching a creating a look, and let’s be serious I basically hate matching. What people also neglect is that she makes her home here in NY, where you could honestly go out dressed in just about anything and not get a second glance, and in many cases get complimented on your style. Here are two examples where I think she has hit her mark exactly, the first is a phenomenal combination of gold and beautiful royal blue, which is really spot on, I love those structural shoulders. And seriously look at the smile on Karl’s face in that second photo, anyone who can coax a smile like that out of that man can wear whatever she wants, however she wants to wear it.

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