Thursday, November 11, 2010

Zetus Lupetus!

The problem with Jeffrey Campbell (aka JC because only this man who could share initials with the original JC though I’m pretty sure Jeffrey Campbell is not actually a man but a design collective); anyway, the problem is I never know I even need a new pair of shoes until I see his, and without a doubt no matter how outlandish or high I always decide I need them immediately on my person and envision 6 outfits that could be entirely built around said shoes. I felt the same way about his new cult design coveted by all the Lita, I wanted them SOOOO badly until I randomly walking into LF one day and actually saw them in my shoe size (which is jumbo jet size for those who don’t know, no numbers being discussed here but let’s just say it’s north of size 8 ½ ), eeeeep they looked like actual clown shoes or Frankenstein shoes or what a clown Frankenstein would wear if he needed orthopedic shoes, with 6 inch heels, anyway, hopes dashed to the ground, and only my bank account happy I decided not to even try them on. And decided well I don’t really need new shoes anyway, until I happened to be perusing SoleStruck (I know why do I do this to myself) and found these beauties, I feel like I should be like trotting around on some ultra cool space station like Zenon Girl of the 21st Century, which got me to thinking what is Zenon Kar up to these days, turns out like every other starlet (if Kirsten Storms even qualifies as such) in Hollywood, she got herself a DUI and parole officer, figures.

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  1. I knew exactly what you meant before you even mentioned Zenon. HA!