Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

So I’m taking a year off from Thanksgiving, well not actually off, I will fully be chowing down on all of the Turkey Day goodness that will be cooked by someone else, wahoo, yes that’s right kids the Breens are doing something completely unheard of for us and actually going out for dinner on Thanksgiving. My family is coming in for the parade and then out for dinner in the West Village, and I am seriously looking forward to it. But after 2 years of cooking in my apartment for 17 and 15 respectively (see my post from last year for proof), I will definitely miss the chaos, and the leftovers; and in the two years I definitely did learn a lot:

a) My oven is not full size it’s 24 inches and thus a full size rigid metal roasting pan with a 27 lb turkey will not actually fit into said oven, which was discovered around 7 AM on Thanksgiving morning 2008 (my rookie year) even though my mother told me about 7 bajillion times before the day that I should measure my oven and make sure, so there I was with mom trying to shut the oven door and no dice, which unleashed a string of obscenities from both of us and required a last minute trip to the bodega across the street praying that they had roasting pans (they do, and armed with this knowledge I went back and bought two more this past weekend to make sweet potatoes for Chrissy’s Family Thanksgiving this past Sunday with roughly 35 of our nearest and dearest friends eeps)

b) With a little squishing and some extra tables and chairs brought by family members and friends you can actually have a sit down dinner with 17 people in my apartment, though every other “dinner party” I have attempted to host at 1G has devolved into something that usually includes 23 bottles of wine for 17 people and a drunken dance party in the living room, ending in a girl pile on the couch (see above), oops, just keepin it classy you know how we do

c)My family and friends love me so even if they’re squished at a table or squished in a girl pile on the couch it doesn’t matter everyone always has a good time, so if and when I do own a house, it must be big enough to accommodate the 17 family members, all of my friends, 23 plus bottles of wine and all their associated children, pets (yes I mean Peanut) and whoever else, because there is nothing I love more than being surrounded by all the people I love

God this is a post is like 17 times worse than the cheesiest Hallmark card I have ever read and Alli if you’re reading this I hope you have tissues, but seriously I am so lucky to have all my friends and family, and super thankful for them, after all I need someone to help me drink those 23 bottles of wine.


  1. Breen - when we get married we def. should crop and use the picture of us above for the save the dates.

    love you.

  2. omg from my experience, catered/ordered/restaurant thanksgiving is kind of dope. it's strangely nerve-wracking b/c instead of prepping, cooking, serving, cleaning dishes, and running around having half-convos all day, you just hang. but then you realize that's the point. minus the leftovers..def a bummer. our fridge was stocked with YUM last yr!

    @laura, u know that is all you so don't try..i bet u already have it photoshopped. if not, i'll get right on that tmrw for u, as my job isn't quite real anymore ;P